MONDAYOctober 16
8:00am Prayer Hour at the church
5:30-7:00pm Piecemakers Quilting Group
7:00pm Grand Teton Dr. Home Group

TUESDAYOctober 17
Nothing Scheduled

9:30-11:00am W.O.W. at
              the Community Center
6:30-8:00pm WNW & Youth
7:00pm Pastor's Bible Study
7:00pm Young Adults Class
                     at the Community Center

THURSDAYOctober 19
9am-12pm Senior Day at
            the Community Center
7:00pm Practice Team Roping

FRIDAYOctober 20
7:45am Men's Weekly Breakfast
at the Community Center
7:00pm Sorting

SATURDAYOctober 21
9am-4pm 9th Annual Women's Conference
7:30pm Jackpot Team Roping

SUNDAY October 22
9:00am Round Pen Class at the church
9:00am Bible Study at the
Community Center
2:00pm Buckout

  October 16, 2017        Sunday Attendance: 535
These meetings are held on the last
Tuesday of every month. The Finance
team meets at 5:45pm and they go over
the budget. The Leadership team meets
at 6:30pm.  All the teams give updates
on what is going on. The next month's
calendar is presented, and any events coming up are discussed and put on the calendar for the final printing. This
month's Finance meeting will be held
on Tue., October 31st at 5:45pm.
The Leadership meeting will be on
Tue., October 31st at 6:30pm.
Everyone is invited to attend the
meeting and see what's happening
at the church.
Anyone who has been baptized here, or at the river, need to check with the office, 9am-2pm Mon-Wed, to pick up their certificate.
Join us on Monday mornings at 8:00am
for a prayer hour to pray for our
members, our community and our nation.
A church that prays together stays together!
Attention Men of the Community
Every Friday morning at 7:45am the men
of the community gather at the Open Range Community Center for breakfast, fellowship and worship. Please plan on joining them
for a special time for everyone.

Listen to the
Open Range Show on KHBR  1560AM every Sunday morning from 8:00 to 9:00am. Sponsored by Abney Concrete in Hillsboro.
Veteran's Partnered
1220 N. Brazos, Suite 3A
Whitney, TX 76692
9-10am Veteran's Wives Group
11am-12Noon Veteran's Group
6:30pm Family Group at the
      American Legion
Encouragement, Hope and Support
for families of military personnel.

             MEMORY VERSE
to see                                         Franklin                                     Graham
in Waco, TX at the Baylor Touchdown Alley
7:30pm Wednesday, Oct. 18th

Our Goal this year is 316 boxes
Update Information
Shipping on OCC boxes went up to $9.00. Shopper boxes are now $22.00.
Please do not pack toothpaste,
candy or gum.
Boxes can be turned in any Sunday.
You can pack your box online. If you do, please let Patsy know so they can
count your box
Contact Info: Patsy @ 254-205-4968
As a Cowboy Church we spend a lot of time in the
arena. The Arena Team is doing a wonderful job of scheduling events for us. Check with Ed Noteboom
~ 254-366-3906 for any upcoming events.
11:30am Arena Team Meeting
every second Sunday
7:00pm Practice Team Roping w/devotional
7:45am Men's Weekly Breakfast, with devotional, at the Community Center

Monday, October 16
Nothing Scheduled

Tuesday, October 17
Nothing Scheduled

Wednesday, October 18
Nothing Scheduled

Thursday, October 19
7:00pm Practice Team Roping w/ Devotional

Friday, October 20
7pm Sorting

Saturday, October 21
7:30pm Jackpot Team Roping

Sunday,  October 22
Nothing Scheduled
W.O.W ~ Every Wednesday at      the Community Center
The next Women's Ministry meeting will be at 6:00pm, Tuesday, October 10th.
9th Annual
Women's Conference
Saturday, October 21st
Anyone interested in helping with meals in times of death, illness, surgeries, etc., please contact: Candy Allen
H: 254-694-7578
C: 254-580-3546
What a wonderful way to learn the
Bible! Plus you have the fellowship of learning with friends. Please pray and consider starting a home group...it
could be age related, close knit
friends, couples, singles or however
you want it to be.
Sunday Morning Bible Study
9:00am Sunday
at the ORCC Community Center
Hosts: Richard & Lisa Hill
~Grand Teton Dr. Home Group~
7:00pm Monday 
148 Grand Teton
Whitney, TX 76692
Hosts: Jon & Carolen Bergeron
Facilitator: Lee 'B.C.' Davis
254-622-2203 or 254-205-0265
Everyone Welcome!

At the ORCC Community Center
NA Meetings on Mondays at 8:00pm
Senior Day on Thursdays from 9am-12pm
         Barbara Perkins
       is our
          prayer chain leader.
            If you have signed
              up, but are not                   getting the prayer news, check your spam box
to move it.
If you are not getting
it at all, email
your information to
or text Barbara at
Substitute Sunday School teachers
are STILL NEEDED for all ages.
Sometimes our regular teachers
can't make it, or would enjoy
sitting in the sanctuary for the services every once in a while,
and we need someone to
fill in where needed.
If you can help please call
Jennifer Heard ~ 254-205-8729
If you have moved, changed phone numbers or any other pertinent information, please fill out the
Member Update form aavailable in
the foyer, or call the office at
254-694-7543 Mon-Wed 9am-2pm.